We Are Recruiting!

If you have experience with the SWGEMU Engine and would like to join one of the fastest growing servers in the galaxy, jump in Discord and reach out to one of our Staff members!

  • Developer – Must have strong c++ or Lua knowledge, and a solid understanding of core3.
  • Web Admin/Dev – Must have knowledge of wordpress, editing promo videos, and a flare for creativity.

FRS: Has Arrived!

The fantastic increase in server population has played a key role in the continued rise of the Galactic Civil War. Bounty Hunting has seen non stop action, with both solo and group hunts around the galaxy. As a result, we have implemented the first phase of the Remastered FRS! New components will follow, as we progress towards building the enclave councils! Thank you all!

Double XP Extended! New Lot Info Command!

  • Double XP Has been extended.
  • new command /findStructures (just type in the command bar) will show the players
  • lot/house detail information (CREDIT: TheTinyPebble)
  • Executioner Hack damage has been buffed and is now Acid.
  • An Elite version of the Geo Sword Core now drops.
  • Pet Levels will now adjust from 10 – 100, to accommodate mounts and non CH.

March Update

New Dungeon! Chiss Poacher Encampment

(special thanks to TheTinyPebble)

  • Multi Phase Boss Fights
  • Most new lootable schems drop here
  • Multi branched cave layout

9 New lootable Weapon Schmematics

  • DC15 Carbine
  • DC15 Rifle
  • Proton Carbine
  • Junti Mace
  • War Fan
  • Naktra Rifle
  • DD6 Pistol
  • ION Relic Pistol
  • Proton Rifle
  • Lootable Weapon specific components

New Vehicles

  • Basilisk War Droid
  • Koro2
  • Sith Speeder
  • Lootable Engines for each

New Nano Clothing

  • Nano Coated Vest
  • Nano Coated Boots
  • Nano Coated Gloves
  • Nano Coated Belt

10 New Named Color Crystals

  • Color Crystals are tune able with stats (damage/fc/sp)
  • Basic color crystals 0-25
  • Clear Crystals remain 0-50
  • Named Color crystals 50-100
  • All old/pre patch color crystals (named or plain) will tune at a max of 50

Craft able Faction Armor

  • Refurbished Rebel Marine Armor
  • Refurbished Storm Trooper Armor
  • Purchased from faction recruiters

Bounty Hunting Trophy System

  • BH Wins, they get a broken saber with the Jedi’s name
  • Jedi wins, they get a broken Mando helmet with the BH name
  • If your inventory is full, you get nothing but a message


  • Scythe Buffed to power hammer like stats
  • ForceChoke/Torsoshot now have NPC/Player versions. NPC’s will use the default damage versions of the move.
  • Lesser Gorax can now be sampled
  • Loot largely revamped across the board.
  • Krayts, Sisters, Janta, Gorax, DWB, Dath Bunker, etc…
  • Woolamander bone stack sized increased.
  • Faction NPC’s now consider Faction standing, regardless of over/covert/civillian
  • Code base brought up to current EMU stable
  • Xris Acid Sword now requires a lootable component
  • Intimidator Pistol Now requires a lootable barrel
  • Cryo Lance now requires a lootable compressor

January Update


  • Force Meditate will now regen faster and the animation will loop.
  • Force Pool Max Increased, regen rate reduced.
  • Sub stats adjust (+/-) to account for Jedi Tapes.
  • Padawan Robe is now craftable and take up the cape slot. (Credit: Infinity)


  • 15 Accuracy added to Master
  • FireAcid Single/Cone – ranged increased and will now Poison.


  • Bleeding Shot – potency increased can now be used with Pistols and Carbines
  • Confusion Shot – can now be used with Pistols and Carbines
  • KnockdownFire – can now be used with Pistols and Carbines
  • MultiTargetShot – now applies a blind.

BIO Engineer

  • DNA Sample skill increased.
  • DNA Sample time reduced.
  • DNA Sample range slightly increased.
  • BIO Pets should now retain Area Attacks
  • BIO Pets AP Ratings of Light/Med/Heavy, can now be obtained (in theory, we will tweak as we go)
  • New Craftable Pets Varactyl and Mutated Rancor (Lootable Schematics)
  • DNA Samples should now be named with more detail


  • New Merchant Vendor in Espa, will sell rare black market schematics, at very high prices.
  • Master Brawler now grants an Area Taunt, +5 Taunt was granted to each master melee class
  • Vehicle Speeds Have been normalized around the Stap. Vehicles harder to obtain (AV21, Faction Barcs, JetPack, etc..) will be slightly faster. (Most current vehicles affected, will break… see me in discord)
  • Vehicle resources slightly changes, in an attempt to balance resources/rarity requirements.
  • Death Watch Bunker – Loot slightly revamped, will now drop New Rare weapon schems, BE Pet Schems, Rare Sub components etc…
  • Corellian Corvette – Loot slightly revamped, will now drop BE Schems, Rare sub compoents, etc…
  • Geo Cave – Loot slightly revamped, will now drop BE Schems, Rare Sub Components, etc..
  • Several new paintings and painting sets, compliments of our own Bob Ross and Aftermath.


  • New Higher Damage/AP Weapons have been introduced, as lootable one time use schematics.
  • Intimidator Pistol
  • Pestilence Lance
  • Kalranoos Carbine
  • Cryo Lance now requires 2 Motors down from 4
  • SG82 still mimics the T21 but requires 6 Handlers, down from 10.


  • New Dungeon Dathomir Shadow Collective (credit: Aftermath)
  • New Dungeon Lok Revenant Bunker (credit: Aftermath)

December Publish

** Classes Listed below, may need to regrantskills, before new skills, schematics fully show up.


  • Lightsaber toughness increased.
  • Jedi toughness decreased.
  • State def decreased.
  • Force Regen increased.
  • Saber Accuracy decreased, tapes are now viable.
  • Force Run 1 duration increased.
  • Force Run 2 is now a burst escape mechanism with a duration of 15 seconds. Will still overwrite Force Run 1.
  • Force Run 3 Can only be used outside of Combat.
  • Force Choke Damage reduced
  • Most Force Acc Stats normalized to 125
  • Saber Block set to 70
  • Modifiers in place for upcoming FRS.

Creature Handler

  • Non mount Pets can now be called in combat.
  • Pet call time reduced to 3 seconds.
  • Pet Stim D will now require Organic ingredients instead of fish.
  • Increased the number of stored pets allowed.
  • Increased the speed of Trained Animal mounts.


  • Defenses significantly buffed, at Master


  • Block will now reduce damage by 75%, up from 50%

Bounty Hunter

  • Fetts Valor, slightly buffed to decrease damage received.

NEW Profession РSpec-Ops Commando  **(Credit The Aftermath Code base, as it was used as reference)

  • Offers 4 skills costing zero skill points (Only the first box of each tree needs trained)
  • Each skill represents a task required to blow up a Faction base.
  • Dantooine: 1574, -6365
    Naboo: 4963, -1575
    Naboo: -5064.62, 4288
    Lok: 481, 4960
    Corellia: -293, -4742
    Corellia: -5121.46, -2491
    Tatooine: -2981.19, 2207
    Tatooine: 3350.12, -4799


  • 4 New ELITE Schematics (Elite Gas, Elite Flora, Elite Chem, Elite Fusion).


  • Civilians/Coverts should now be cross heal able.
  • Added additional recycled resource types to recyclers. (Credit: Liakhara)
  • Up to date with EMU Code base, so inherent bugs such as, the ability for a new account to bug out and claim all vet rewards, should be fixed.