We Are Recruiting!

If you have experience with the SWGEMU Engine and would like to join one of the fastest growing servers in the galaxy, jump in Discord and reach out to one of our Staff members!

  • Developer – Must have strong c++ or Lua knowledge, and a solid understanding of core3.
  • Web Admin/Dev – Must have knowledge of wordpress, editing promo videos, and a flare for creativity.

FRS: Has Arrived!

The fantastic increase in server population has played a key role in the continued rise of the Galactic Civil War. Bounty Hunting has seen non stop action, with both solo and group hunts around the galaxy. As a result, we have implemented the first phase of the Remastered FRS! New components will follow, as we progress towards building the enclave councils! Thank you all!

Holiday Weekend!

Double XP! Thanksgiving Events!

Starting 11/22 we will enable Double XP Weekend!  We will also be holding several random adhoc events over the weekend, so come join us!

**taxes, title fee apply. Excludes Jedi and current 10x xpTypes (imagedesigner ,music , dance , entertainer_healing ,bio_engineer_dna_harvesting)

We’re Growing!! Thank You!

Checkout the islands on Corellia @  -2172 -4381  to get a sampling of our new structures!