January Update


  • Force Meditate will now regen faster and the animation will loop.
  • Force Pool Max Increased, regen rate reduced.
  • Sub stats adjust (+/-) to account for Jedi Tapes.
  • Padawan Robe is now craftable and take up the cape slot. (Credit: Infinity)


  • 15 Accuracy added to Master
  • FireAcid Single/Cone – ranged increased and will now Poison.


  • Bleeding Shot – potency increased can now be used with Pistols and Carbines
  • Confusion Shot – can now be used with Pistols and Carbines
  • KnockdownFire – can now be used with Pistols and Carbines
  • MultiTargetShot – now applies a blind.

BIO Engineer

  • DNA Sample skill increased.
  • DNA Sample time reduced.
  • DNA Sample range slightly increased.
  • BIO Pets should now retain Area Attacks
  • BIO Pets AP Ratings of Light/Med/Heavy, can now be obtained (in theory, we will tweak as we go)
  • New Craftable Pets Varactyl and Mutated Rancor (Lootable Schematics)
  • DNA Samples should now be named with more detail


  • New Merchant Vendor in Espa, will sell rare black market schematics, at very high prices.
  • Master Brawler now grants an Area Taunt, +5 Taunt was granted to each master melee class
  • Vehicle Speeds Have been normalized around the Stap. Vehicles harder to obtain (AV21, Faction Barcs, JetPack, etc..) will be slightly faster. (Most current vehicles affected, will break… see me in discord)
  • Vehicle resources slightly changes, in an attempt to balance resources/rarity requirements.
  • Death Watch Bunker – Loot slightly revamped, will now drop New Rare weapon schems, BE Pet Schems, Rare Sub components etc…
  • Corellian Corvette – Loot slightly revamped, will now drop BE Schems, Rare sub compoents, etc…
  • Geo Cave – Loot slightly revamped, will now drop BE Schems, Rare Sub Components, etc..
  • Several new paintings and painting sets, compliments of our own Bob Ross and Aftermath.


  • New Higher Damage/AP Weapons have been introduced, as lootable one time use schematics.
  • Intimidator Pistol
  • Pestilence Lance
  • Kalranoos Carbine
  • Cryo Lance now requires 2 Motors down from 4
  • SG82 still mimics the T21 but requires 6 Handlers, down from 10.


  • New Dungeon Dathomir Shadow Collective (credit: Aftermath)
  • New Dungeon Lok Revenant Bunker (credit: Aftermath)