SWG Remastered: Vision and direction

When our dev group discussed the creation of SWG Remastered, we each agreed to create an environment that remained somewhat close to the default vanilla EMU experience, yet offered a level of customization that would enhance the overall experience for our playing community.


Jedi encompass a significant amount of content.  Jedi has always been a challenge to balance. In my experience, it seems most server efforts result in a segment of the user base being very happy, while the other half simply want the profession removed or vastly reduced.

No matter how you cut it, Jedi make up a substantial amount of content, in the current publish of the game.

  • The grind to get glowy (professions,  badges)
  • The old man and Mell
  • The grind to finish the village.
  • Padawan trials.
  • The substantial grind through 3 skill trees (padawan, knight, master)
  • Knight Trials

Given this, we chose to retain Jedi as the alpha class.  From Padawan until just before master, a MBH (or variants) can and should, very easily win 1 v 1 scenarios.  At master, Remastered Jedi are hard to beat in the typical 1 v 1 scenario. You will need a buddy, a very very good weapon (legendary/dots/etc), taped up defense stacker, or just a great streak of RNG luck, to kill a full template master.

Our intention, is to enable ALL classes, the ability to compete on or around the same level as Jedi (Alpha).  We intend to accomplish this by offering very high end weapons, components, armor,  etc…. in current and new end game content.  We want certain vehicles, to be obtainable, yet very rare.  We want certain house schematics to be obtainable, yet very rare.  We also want very high end, class specific weapons, to be obtainable, yet very difficult to get.  The idea is to at least mimic an effort, even if in part, the above stated Jedi grind.

Will we be perfect in progressing down our intended roadmap? Of course not. We plan to make adjustments as we go, taking, giving, and adjusting, as it makes the most sense.

Current Damage (early on), is probably a bit high, but the day of 90% comp, LS resists, sliced PSGS, food, def stacking, etc… isn’t very far away.

I hope this provides at least some clarity around what we hope to accomplish.  The most important thing to us, is that our members have an enjoyable and fun experience and feel they have a voice in the direction/decisions we make.

I should once again, stop to thank the EMU team.  They have done the hard work, which has allowed servers such as Remastered, the ability to tweak and customize, the experience.